Swiss Solidarity’s first “Solidarity Barometer” to be published on its 75th Anniversary

To launch our week of solidarity taking place from the 12th to the 17th December in collaboration with the SRG : we are publishing our first “Solidarity Barometer” which assesses how solidarity is perceived among the Swiss population.

75 years of solidarity

Solidarity has been at the heart of our mission for 75 years. Without the unfailing commitment of our donors, it would not have been possible to help millions of people in need in Switzerland and around the world. On the occasion of our 75th anniversary, we want to celebrate and strengthen Switzerland’s sense of solidarity.

For this purpose, we are organizing a week of solidarity from the 12th to the 17th December which will end with a National Day of Solidarity for children in need in Switzerland and around the world.

The first “Solidarity Barometer”

Solidarity being the cornerstone of our activities, we wanted to understand how it is perceived by the Swiss population. The objectives of the research included identifying differences between the different regions of Switzerland, observing the evolution of solidarity between generations, and determining which causes are important for Swiss people.
Therefore, we conducted a survey in cooperation with the Sotomo research institute and published the first “Solidarity Barometer” to mark the start of our week of solidarity.

Coronavirus challenges peoples’ sense of solidarity

We all witnessed a big outpouring of support at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Twenty months later, as the pandemic continues to thrive, the survey reveals that peoples’ sense of solidarity is being put to the test. Indeed, 38% of respondents feel that peoples’ sense of solidarity has diminished during the pandemic while 17% believe it has increased. These results are particularly striking in German-speaking Switzerland and among young people.

Tightening the solidarity links

The coronavirus pandemic has put to the test Switzerland’s sense of cohesion and solidarity, but we are convinced that together, we will be able to move passed this and evolve towards better times.

During our week of solidarity, from the 12th to the 17th December, we wish to strengthen our sense of solidarity by celebrating mutual aid and stimulating a spirit of mutual support. The National Day of Solidarity at the end of this week will be dedicated to children in need in Switzerland and around the world.

The “Solidarity Barometer” in key facts and figures

Solidarity is still present within people’s private sphere

Almost a third of those who got involved at the beginning of the pandemic to support family members or neighbors are still helping them today. In addition, 46% of respondents have maintained contacts and links with theirs neighbors.

Young people were shaken by the pandemic

According to 37% of respondents, young people demonstrated a great sense of solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic. However, 13% described young people as non-supportive. Their life was particularly restricted as a result of protective measures, and they also tend to perceive a decreased feeling of mutual aid.

Modesty, a very Swiss virtue

In Switzerland, keeping one’s good deeds to oneself and remaining modest about it is considered common courtesy. This is what more than 80% of the respondents indicated. This tendency is even stronger in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland where more than 90% of participants agreed with the statement that it is better to do good and remain discreet.

A strong sense of solidarity for people in distress

In Switzerland, solidarity is mostly expressed towards people in distress. However, environmental questions and animal rights’ issues are increasingly attracting young people’s interest. In general, the situation of vulnerable children generates the strongest commitment.

The pandemic increases economic inequalities

17% of respondents reported they have fewer resources than before the pandemic while 10% said they have more. It is mostly the financial situation of those with a monthly income lower than 6,000 francs that has gotten worse.

If you would like to find out more about the results of the “Solidarity Barometer”, please click here :

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