Swiss Solidarity in 2017

Thanks to your unfailing solidarity, in 2017 we were once again able to provide aid where it was desperately needed, both abroad and in Switzerland.

Famine in Africa, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the ongoing conflict in Syria and the rockslide in Bondo are just some of the events which concerned Swiss Solidarity and the public in 2017. Thanks to your solidarity and the untiring commitment of our partner organizations, we were able to help many people in need with CHF 38 million. We are extremely grateful for your support.

50 million for 143 projects abroad

In 2017 we contributed over CHF 50 million to a total of 143 projects abroad. A further CHF 5.8 million went to projects in Switzerland. In total we funded projects throughout the world to the amount of over CHF 62 million. Last year we also approved 161 new projects, and over CHF 54 million has been budgeted for these in the coming years. The graphic shows which partner organizations received the most funding in 2017.


“We would like to thank all our donors and our partners for putting their trust in us, year after year.”
Tony Burgener, Director of Swiss Solidarity

Solidarity in Switzerland

In August 2017, all eyes in Switzerland were on the small village of Bondo in the Bergell. A rockface on Piz Cengalo broke away and caused a massive mudslide, which resulted in huge damage. In response, you donated CHF 5.9 million in a surge of solidarity. This was used in the following months to support the victims of the disaster. In our social assistance programme, CHF 5.8 million went towards helping almost 7,000 people throughout Switzerland. The individual social assistance has now been replaced by a long-term approach, as we are now helping people in need through projects implemented by Swiss organisations.

Greater dynamism

If you are a regular follower of our fundraising appeals, you have perhaps noticed that since the Famine in Africa appeal, many influencers are too. They, and various other new features, have helped us to make our communication activities more dynamic.

You will find more detailed information about our work in 2017 in our annual report and annual accounts.


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