Tsunami in Indonesia: 10 million francs donated

Swiss Solidarity has just reached 10 million francs in donations for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Indonesia on 28th September. In view of the extent of the damage, the Foundation maintains its call for donations.

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Thanks to your generosity, more than CHF 10 million has so far been raised for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, an amount that has far exceeded the pledges of CHF 6.2 million made during the fundraising day on 5th October.

Our partner relief organizations turn your donations into aid

Nine Swiss relief organizations are mobilized through their Indonesian partners to meet the needs of the population affected by the disaster. Swiss Solidarity has already invested CHF 1,200,000 to fund the activities of four of these organisations (ADRA, Caritas Switzerland, the Swiss Red Cross and Save the Children). We are in discussion with the other five partners involved to define the projects to be financed as a matter of priority in the coming months.

Our nine partners on the ground support Indonesian organisations and are therefore not subject to government restrictions on foreign employees of international NGOs.

The donations collected will help thousands of people who mainly need drinking water, tents or materials to build and equip temporary accommodation, hygiene kits and medical assistance.

How do we help

The donations collected will enable Swiss organisations and their local networks to provide assistance in the following areas in particular:

Donate now

Given the scale of the humanitarian aid needs, there is still the possibility to donate.