Ukraine: Aid adapted to the evolving situation and humanitarian needs

Exemplary solidarity: Since launching our fundraising campaign for the people of Ukraine, we’ve received more than CHF 110 million in donations. Thank you so much! In an especially challenging environment, how do these donations get turned into aid? Read on to find out.

A war with no end in sight

For the past several weeks, Ukraine has suffered the ravages of a war unleashed by Russia. Loss of life, injuries, the destruction of civil infrastructure and residential buildings, and millions of people fleeing battle zones in search of safety—these are the consequences of a horrific conflict that is eating away at a country piece by piece.

Aid in Ukraine

People by the thousands are fleeing the conflict zones in Ukraine in search of safety in areas spared by the fighting. As they do so, they become especially vulnerable and require access to food, water, medical care, protection, and information and advice about the situation. Thanks to the donations we’ve raised, we’re funding the aid projects being led by our partner NGOs to help people in Ukraine who are directly affected by the war.

Aid for refugees

As people—most of them are women and children—cross from Ukraine into Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, they need help the moment they arrive. After seemingly endless hours of waiting, they are distressed, exhausted by the uncertainty and the wait, and sometimes suffering from hypothermia. For these people, hot meals, medical care, information and advice are essential. Our partner NGOs are working in all these countries, and we are funding the projects being run in Poland, Romania and Moldova.

We are funding a project run by the Swiss Red Cross

Distributing food, water, hygiene products and shelter, and providing first aid and psychosocial support: our partner NGO the Swiss Red Cross is leading this project in the Ternopil region, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Red Cross, to help people who have fled eastern Ukraine. We are supporting this project thanks to your donations for the people of Ukraine.

We are funding a project run by Solidar Suisse

In the Romanian cities of Brașov and Timișoara across the border from Ukraine, 4,000 refugees are receiving help in the form of cash or vouchers to purchase essential items. Information and advice are also being provided to people who have fled their country. This support includes finding accommodations for people and referring them to medical services. This aid project being run by our partner NGO Solidar Suisse is funded through the donations you have entrusted us with.

Our support is currently focused on emergency aid for internally displaced people in Ukraine and those taking refuge in neighbouring countries. We have been continuously adapting the aid we deliver, and we continue to do so despite the particularly challenging and ever-changing situation. The war in Ukraine rages on and the consequences of the conflict and the resulting humanitarian needs will last well into the future. Today we are funding the delivery of emergency relief to the victims of the war in Ukraine, but we will continue to use your donations to provide professional, relevant and effective aid for years to come. The donations we raise will be committed gradually and responsibly to meet the needs as they and the conflict evolve.

Solidarity that has spread throughout Switzerland

Initiatives led by individuals, public authorities and businesses have grown in number and spread throughout Switzerland. Since launching our fundraising campaign for the people of Ukraine, we have witnessed an outpouring of solidarity and raised more than CHF 110 million in donations. We would like to thank you for your generosity—it’s thanks to these donations that we can help those affected by this war.

Your extraordinary spirit of support makes it possible to make a difference. Thank you so much.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.