Your company can support people in need

Companies can also do something to help disadvantaged people, either when there is an emergency or longer term. On this page you will find all the information you need to support Swiss Solidarity.

On Feb. 6, 2023, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southern Turkey and Syria, killing more than 40’000 people and causing massive damage in the two countries. A few hours later, a new magnitude 7.5 quake devastated southeastern Turkey. Given the number of properties that collapsed, a much higher death toll is to be expected. The human and material toll are still provisional and evolving by the hour.

Given this grave emergency, we are grateful for any support.

Under these dire circumstances, we are grateful for any support we receive.

Here’s how you can help those affected:

Of course, you’re also welcome to donate to another one of Swiss Solidarity’s collections. We have various permanent campaigns, both in Switzerland (e.g. socio-professional integration of young people at risk) and abroad (e.g. child relief international).

Below is an overview of the different ways your company can support people in need.

Corporate donations: a show of solidarity

Droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes impose unimaginable hardship and suffering on people around the world. Would your company like to demonstrate its solidarity with disaster victims? With your donation, we can bring urgently needed aid to affected populations.

For example, if you would like to donate in celebration of an anniversary, or for Christmas or another special occasion, you can also entrust us with using your donation where it is most urgently needed.

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Your fundraising campaign: Matching gift programme

Would you like to join forces with your staff or customers and do something to help people in need? As a responsible employer, you could, for example, match your employees’ donations or contribute a fixed amount (so-called “Matching gift programme”).

It’s easy to do. Collect employee donations through your own secure donation portal, which we will set up for you. The portal provides many possibilities. Your fundraising campaign can be designed to reflect your corporate design, and you can disseminate your fundraising appeal via your own online communication channels (intranet, social media accounts…). This simple option makes it easy to coordinate a multitude of individual donations across multiple channels.

We look forward to hearing from you! If you’re ready to move forward with your own donation portal, send us your request along with your company logo in PNG or JPG format. We appreciate your initiative for people in need!

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Customer loyalty: bonus points

Bonuscard, DemoSCOPE, intervista and Migros already offer their customers the opportunity to donate their bonus points. And Bontique makes it possible to donate Bontique checks to Swiss Solidarity through their platform.

Does your company reward its customers via a bonus scheme? Why not give them an opportunity to help people in need by donating their bonus points to Swiss Solidarity?

You’ll have the flexibility to adapt the purpose of the donation to current events or to support a permanent fund for longer. Feel free to reach out to us!

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Corporate volunteering: we need your know-how!

As head of a responsible company, you can provide your staff with an opportunity to get involved in a good cause through corporate volunteering.

On its National Days of Solidarity, Swiss Solidarity relies on the support of volunteers. This makes it possible to carry out personnel-intensive, one-time fundraising activities.

Volunteering can take the form of administrative support or assistance in other areas such as knowledge transfer. For example, employees of the Credit Suisse Service Support Center work the donations hotline as part of the Corporate volunteering programme.

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“We are always delighted by the great campaigns that companies and their co-workers come up with to help people in need. It shows that getting together to help others who are less fortunate can be rewarding and great fun.”
Judith Schuler, Head of Communication

Sponsorship: building a solid foundation

To work professionally and efficiently, even non-profit organisations like ours need an infrastructure to ensure that donations are used effectively and judiciously. As a Swiss Solidarity sponsor, you recognise the value of professional work and the importance of covering a portion of our operating costs. If you like, you can support a specific area of work in which our team in Switzerland engages.

And in so doing, you will show your commitment to Switzerland and its solidarity, which we stand for along with all our partners, donors and beneficiaries.

Please consult our annual report for more information on our current partners.

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If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.