Donate your time and express your solidarity by volunteering

We need your help on national fundraising days in particular. At each of these events more than 600 volunteers from all over Switzerland donate their time to Swiss Solidarity.

They take down people’s donation pledges on the phone, send out payment slips and provide us with support in many other ways.

Spread your solidarity and become part of our success story.

Interested? Then sign up today. As soon as we organize another fundraising day, we will send you an email with all the relevant information.

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Volunteers at the telephone centre in Zurich take donation pledges over the phone.

“With each fundraising day, a new chain of solidarity begins, bringing help to places where a disaster has caused destruction and suffering. Without our volunteers, that would simply not be possible.”
Catherine Baud-Lavigne, Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity

How to get involved

  • Take donation pledges over the phone
  • Record donation pledges on a laptop or iPad
  • Prepare payment slips for sending out
  • Help with administration before and after a fundraising day
  • Use social media on a fundraising day
  • Process mail (Geneva)
  • Get involved in ‘Jeder Rappen zählt’ or ‘Coeur à Coeur’
    • Volunteer at an information booth
    • Volunteer for JRZ sponsors

Volunteers take donation pledges over the phone on a national fundraising day.

Rahel Bucher
Assistent of Programmes Department
Tel.: +41 (0)58 458 12 33
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