Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria - What we achieved thanks to your solidarity!

Six months ago, devastating earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria. Thousands of people lost their lives, millions more were left completely destitute and lost the roof over their heads in one fell swoop. These were the worst earthquakes to hit the region in the last 30 years. In view of the scale of this disaster, Swiss Solidarity has appealed for donations for relief. The situation remains difficult for the people affected. Thanks to your donations, we can give these people hope again.

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Vital Emergency Relief

Thanks to the mobilisation of the Swiss population, we received over 30 million Swiss francs in donations for aid following the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. 40% of the donations received have been used for 19 humanitarian projects in Syria and Turkey so far. Through your solidarity and support, we were able to help those affected in the first days after the earthquake by funding a rescue operation to find survivors in the rubble.

REDOG – a partner organisation of the Swiss Red Cross – sent 14 dogs and 22 people to search for survivors under the rubble during the first days after the earthquake. In the weeks and months that followed, our Swiss partner organisations on the ground provided clean drinking water, food, hygiene packages, blankets, heating stoves and shelter. They also deployed mobile clinics to ensure access to medical care.   


Following the earthquake, Médecins sans Frontières has stepped up its activities in north-west Syria to meet the needs of the affected population. The organisation operates four mobile clinics and distributes vital relief supplies.

Save the Children was able to quickly provide emergency aid, which included the distribution of food, drinking water, blankets and tents, hygiene kits and warm clothing. The organisation is also working to rebuild the collapsed buildings.

Medair supports earthquake-affected populations by providing safe shelter and restoring access to water and health services. 


Enormous Needs and Challenges

In the next months, the focus will be on restoring water supply and waste management systems, rehabilitating buildings, and providing access to mental health services. We are also helping affected people get back on their feet, for example by providing them with jobs, so that they can regain hope for the future. 

The needs and challenges on the ground are still enormous. Access to the most vulnerable populations is not ensured. The situation of humanitarian workers and the local population is extremely precarious. Yet, our network of Swiss partner organisations, working in various locations in Syria and Turkey, is proving to be enormously valuable. We will continue to support their efforts in the coming months.    

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