We appeal to you for help! Show your solidarity with those who are most severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic! THANK YOU for your donation and for strictly observing the protective measures set by the government.

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In Switzerland it is important that the support we fund is subsidiary – complementary – to the support provided by the state. We are in close contact with several organizations to provide immediate help, in particular with Caritas Switzerland and its regional branches, the Swiss Red Cross and its cantonal associations, the regional branches of the Schweizerisches Arbeiterhilfswerk SAH and Pro Senectute. We are also looking at the possibility of supporting organizations providing food aid. We plan to work with further aid organizations in Switzerland in a second phase.

We would like to fund projects in three areas: health, economy, emergency social support –

  • Help for people affected by the coronavirus: home deliveries, taxi service, meals on wheels, care services etc.
  • Support for people suffering financially (and who will not receive money from either the federal or cantonal government)
  • Food aid
  • Initiatives that foster solidarity in society.

Who is the help for?

We will provide support in coordination with that provided by the state. We will use your donation to help the following people:

  • Individuals and families who struggled financially before the pandemic and now find themselves in an even more precarious financial situation (severe loss of income).
  • Covid-19 patients who are unable meet the costs arising from their illness.
  • Elderly or disabled persons who live alone and/or are dependent on help from outside.
  • Homeless people in need of accommodation and access to sanitary facilities.


We have joined forces with the Federal Office of Public Health to appeal to people’s sense of solidarity in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you for helping by strictly observing the protective measures and by donating for people in particular need in this crisis. Together we can make a difference! Thank you for your support!
Roland Thomann, Director, Swiss Solidarity

Donate now

If you need help

If you require immediate help because of the coronavirus pandemic, please contact one of the four organizations we are working with to provide emergency help. You will find links to your local branch on their websites:

The coronavirus pandemic

On 16 March the Federal Council declared the situation in Switzerland to be ‘extraordinary’. In a period of just three weeks, the coronavirus crisis had turned into a pandemic. Now we all need to strictly observe the federal government measures to protect those in high-risk groups.

This crisis and the Covid19 virus pose a threat to our health and health systems, to our social fabric and to our economy. People already in need of care and protection are now even more vulnerable.


In order to get on top of the coronavirus pandemic we need to show our solidarity at all levels. Besides strictly observing the measures introduced by the federal government such as  we need to show support for people who lack a social network.

For even when the federal and cantonal governments have provided the necessary funds to soften the blow for those hit by the economic crisis, there will still be people who need support. We are appealing for donations to help them cope with the crisis.

Coronavirus pandemic abroad

The donations raised in this appeal will only be used in Switzerland. However, we are keeping a close eye on the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, and are in contact with our partner NGOs.

At some later date we may hold a separate appeal for aid abroad – to help deal with the coronavirus pandemic and support health services.