War in Yemen

In Yemen, 24 million people are reliant on humanitarian aid. Your donation will enable us and our partner NGOs to provide the urgent help these people need.

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Four years of war

The war in Yemen has been raging for four years now. Bombardments, attacks and death are tragically now part of everyday life in the country.

The war has severely weakened the Yemini population: 24 million people – that’s three times the population of Switzerland – rely on humanitarian aid. The UN is calling it the greatest humanitarian disaster of our times.

Funds received: CHF 6,235,325

1.8 million undernourished children

Food has become very scarce in Yemen and the health system has broken down almost entirely. Fewer than half of the health facilities in the country still function adequately.

As a result, 1.8 million children are suffering from malnutrition. Water is difficult to access and is often of poor quality, so there are frequent outbreaks of diseases such as cholera.

"In the face of this humanitarian tragedy, we see it as our duty to provide emergency aid to the Yemeni people, who have been suffering from the effects of this terrible war for over four years. We cooperate with our partner NGOs in Yemen, who are working tirelessly in very dangerous circumstances to help the injured and other victims of the war."
Tasha Rumley, Humanitarian Programme Manager, Swiss Solidarity

Help in extremely difficult circumstances

The situation in Yemen is very complex, and aid can only be provided in very dangerous circumstances.

Nonetheless, several of our partner NGOs are working on the ground providing healthcare, in particular treating malnourished children, providing access to drinking water and improving hygiene.

How your donation helps

Our partner NGOs are constantly having to adapt to the changing conditions so as not to find themselves in danger themselves.

Your donation means our partner NGOs can:

  • ensure access to clean water
  • treat malnourished children
  • treat the sick and injured
  • improve hygiene conditions and so help prevent the spread of disease
  • distribute essential everyday items
  • distribute cash, where technically possible, so that people can themselves buy the items they need.


Funds received: 

CHF 6,235,325

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