Further disaster threatens Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Rain and cyclones will bring more hardship and suffering to 780,000 Rohingya refugees.


In August 2017, over half a million people of the Rohingya ethnic minority fled to Bangladesh. They brought with them harrowing accounts of armed violence and torched villages. Now they are living in cramped conditions in badly-built refugee camps in Bangladesh. Despite the emergency relief made possible by your donations, there is still a lack of the most basic essentials.

NGOs fear the worst

The fleeing population has settled in an area that used to be forested. It consists of many small hills. The protection once afforded by the forest is gone and the loamy soil becomes muddy and extremely slippery in even light rainfall. It is difficult to imagine how dire the situation will become once cyclones strike and it rains for days on end.

Dwellings made from bamboo poles and tarpaulins are unable to withstand such conditions. The higher huts will be washed away, as will the already full latrines. As a result, the NGOs fear that epidemics and disease will break out and spread unchecked.

Precautionary measures

This is why our partner NGOs are doing their utmost to win the race against time, reinforce flimsy dwellings, secure latrines and help the most endangered people relocate in safer areas.

Although stepping up the relief effort now is of crucial importance, our donations have run out. We are therefore once again appealing for your solidarity with the Rohingya. Because your donation makes a difference!