Swiss Solidarity: providing sustainable humanitarian aid in Haiti

Five years after an earthquake devastated a large portion of Haiti, Swiss Solidarity’s partner NGOs are bringing their aid projects to a close. In 2014, Swiss Solidarity funded seven additional projects to consolidate the achievements of the reconstruction and rehabilitation phase. Since humanitarian aid efforts were first launched in Haiti, Swiss Solidarity has provided 61,8 million francs supporting 84 projects. 2700 new homes, 3300 latrines and 2500 drinking water sources have been created.


In Haiti, Swiss Solidarity has implemented to the letter its strategy for linking emergency aid to reconstruction and development. The consolidation projects approved in 2014 include initiatives to prevent and reduce the risks associated with disasters, as well as reforestation projects. Moreover, all these projects help bolster existing local structures, allowing for greater independence in managing activities launched during the previous phase.


While few funders allow their specialized humanitarian partner NGOs to implement sustainable long-term projects, Swiss Solidarity fills a major gap between emergency aid and development.

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