Ukraine: Swiss Solidarity supports those affected by the floods

The damage to the Kakhovka dam has led to massive flooding, forcing tens of thousands of people to flee and affecting over 30 towns and villages. The consequences of the disaster are enormous for the people in the affected regions. Swiss Solidarity supports those affected on the ground through its partner organisation HEKS.

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Severe flooding in Ukraine

Following the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, the region has been hit by severe flooding, with tens of thousands leaving their homes and over 30 towns and villages affected. The consequences for those affected are enormous, not only in terms of losing their homes, but also in terms of threatening the supply of essential goods for survival, such as food and clean water. The long-term humanitarian and environmental consequences of this disaster could be enormous.

Swiss Solidarity helps those affected on the ground

Thanks to the cooperation with our Swiss partner organisations, we are providing aid to people in need in large parts of Ukraine. In the region affected by the floods, we have been supporting a large HEKS project for over a year. Following the floods we were able to quickly adapt the project to the dramatic situation and provide emergency aid. This way, people affected by the water masses receive fast, urgently needed help. We are in contact with our Swiss partner organisations in Ukraine and continue to monitor the situation.

Our help in Ukraine

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In order to implement our projects in Ukraine for the victims of the war, we depend on your support and solidarity. Thank you very much for your donation.

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