Emergency relief in Syria

A terrible civil war has been raging in Syria since 2011 and is still claiming thousands of lives. Donate now, so that we can help the Syrian people.

War and suffering in Syria

The situation in Syria is catastrophic. Every day we receive pictures of bombed-out cities, traumatized children and people fleeing their homes.

The war has been raging since 2011, and has already claimed the lives of over 400,000 people.

Fifty percent of the Syrian population are refugees in their own country, and about five million people have fled abroad.

13.5 million people in Syria itself require urgent humanitarian aid.

But it is extremely difficult for the relief organizations to get help to the people who need it so desperately.

Access to the areas worst hit is often blocked, and the situation is extremely dangerous for aid workers.

A man walks through the ruins of a street in Eastern Aleppo, Syria

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your solidarity, when the situation allows we can get urgently needed help to the people in Syria.


“The conflict has been raging for over eight years. While fighting has now ceased in much of the country, the situation remains dramatic for Syrian families who continue to live in fear and deprivation and suffer ongoing bombing and violence in the north of the country. Thanks to the generosity of the Swiss population, we deliver aid in the form of materials and basic services to thousands of families and children.”
Ernst Lüber, Head of Programmes Department, Swiss Solidarity

How your donation helps

Our partner NGOs carry out projects, verified by us, which are tailored precisely to the needs of those they help:

  • They distribute food, water and household items
  • They treat the sick and injured
  • They protect children from exploitation and abuse, and help children and adults alike to work through their trauma
  • They give refugees money so that they can buy the most urgent and most needed things for themselves
  • They ensure that children can go to school
  • They help refugees to find accommodation

Donate now

A young Syrian boy receives treatment in a hospital after an air strike in Syria.

Syrian refugee children waiting in line to fill bottles with water

Emergency relief

In our emergency relief work in Syria we focus on ensuring the survival of the victims.

Our partner relief organizations therefore treat the sick and wounded and distribute food and essential items such as hygiene products and cooking utensils.

A soup kitchen run by Caritas and its local partners provides warm meals to the people suffering in Aleppo. In Damascus Terre des hommes looks after traumatized children and adults.

Aid for Syria in figures

  • Funds received:

    CHF 26,331,607

  • Projects financed:


  • Countries:

    Syria and neighboring countries until 2015, and Syria only since 2015

Your donation for Syria

We have been fundraising for the victims of the Syria conflict since 2012. Up to 2015 your donations went to help people in need in Syria, as well as those who fled to the neighbouring countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.

Since 2015 donations earmarked for Syria have been helping those who are still living in the country itself, and donations specifically for refugees are helping those who have had to flee the conflicts in the Middle East.

A Syrian family in front of their tent in a refugee camp.

Our partner organizations operating locally

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