President of the Swiss Confederation, Simonetta Sommaruga, launches ‘Coronavirus International’ national solidarity day

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The weakest are hardest hit

We have seen the problems and difficulties that the coronavirus and the measures to combat it are having in Switzerland. And we want to show solidarity and support for the people in this country who are particularly hard hit by the virus and these measures.

With over CHF 42 million donated, we have been able to reach 1.7 million people, providing support and information. Many thanks to everyone who has made this possible.

A day of solidarity

But today we want to turn our thoughts to everyone throughout the world who is suffering from the virus and from the measures in place to combat it. We are appealing for donations for day labourers in Haiti, who can no longer sell their goods at market and who have no savings to live off.

We are appealing for donations for children in Pakistan, where the polio vaccination programme has been stopped because of the pandemic; we are raising money for mothers in El Salvador who, out of fear of becoming infected with the virus, do not go to hospital and so risk death in childbirth at home.

“The coronavirus crisis has had a severe impact on many people’s lives, here in Switzerland as well. In countries which are already struggling economically, the crisis has had disastrous consequences, accentuating problems such as social inequalities and poverty. During this pandemic we need to show our solidarity – for people both at home and abroad.”
Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation

How to donate

You can give your donation pledge today from 7am to 11pm on the following freephone number:

0800 87 07 07

You can also donate online or using a paying-in slip, either on the appeal day itself or later:

  • Online 
  • Paying-in slip: Available at post offices, reference ‘Coronavirus International’.

How to support our appeal online

At the moment, the spotlight is not really on people suffering abroad. So we are very grateful both for your donations and for your support in highlighting the plight of people in other countries who desperately need help to cope with life under the pandemic and the imposed measures.

Our social media kit provides tailor-made posts and ideas for you to post on your social media sites, so that your friends and family can also join us in a show of solidarity. MANY THANKS!

How your donation helps
CHF 30

A family receives an emergency package containing food and hygiene articles from our partner NGO Brücke · Le pont

CHF 50

A hand-washing service is set up in a health centre in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh by our partner NGO HEKS.

CHF 150

Five young people in Tanzania can be trained in soap production by our partner NGO Helvetas.

A huge THANKYOU for your support!
Together we can make a difference!