• We take action

  • We make things possible

  • We monitor

since 1946


  • Thousands of volunteers

    have helped to raise donations

  • Almost 2 billion francs

    has been raised

  • With the help of the media,

    who broadcast our fundraising appeals

With your donations, we help others

We are a humanitarian foundation

We raise funds for people in need in Switzerland and abroad.

Working with 25 Swiss partner NGOs, we are able to provide the best possible assistance and guarantee to our donors that we use their donations responsibly and effectively.

Our story began in 1946.

Our founding fathers were two French Swiss radio broadcasters who, along with their listeners, wanted to do something to alleviate the suffering in the aftermath of the Second World War.

We have been an independent humanitarian foundation since 1983, but still have close links to the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR.

Today we are the largest private humanitarian aid donor in Switzerland.


We raise funds

Whenever a disaster occurs somewhere in the world, we launch a fundraising appeal for the victims.

When there is a major disaster we hold a national fundraising day. Our fundraising appeals are supported by the SRG SSR, private radio stations and the print media.

We guarantee that your donation is put to the best possible use

We are able to fund our NGOs’ projects with the money we raise.

Our first priority is ensuring the quality of the projects, and thus the help given to those in need.

This is why we monitor projects, both before committing funds and during the running of the projects.

To do this, we visit the projects and conduct evaluations. Our foundation bodies and auditors also ensure that our foundation is properly run and that funds are spent responsibly and effectively.


Our values

The way our organization is run is marked by transparency, neutrality, autonomy, accountability and solidarity.

Our staff work hard every day to ensure that your donation is used in the best possible way to help people in need and affected by natural disaster.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Foundation, please contact us. We will be happy to answer you.