What we have achieved together in 2018!

In our annual report and financial statement we give transparent and detailed information on how your donations have been used and the impact they have had. Thank you for displaying solidarity!

As our 2018 annual report is published today, we would like to take the opportunity to look back at last year and at some of the many things we achieved in 2018 thanks to the donations you made.

2018 fundraising appeals

There were many disasters and crises throughout the world in 2018, and we appealed to your sense of solidarity four times. We organised national fundraising days for the Rohingya in Bangladesh and for the victims of the tsunami in Indonesia; we also made an appeal for donations for the victims of the heavy floods in the southern Indian state of Kerala, and towards the end of the year ran the «Jeder Rappen zählt»,«Coeur à Coeur» and «Ogni centesimo conta» fundraising events jointly with SRG SSR.

Altogether, you entrusted us with CHF 32.9 million in donations. We would like to thank you once again for the huge solidarity you show for people in this world who are affected by crises, conflict and natural disasters.

238 aid projects funded

In 2018 we funded 238 aid projects in Switzerland and abroad to the tune of CHF 37 million.

Around five million people in 39 different countries benefited from your solidarity in projects run by our partner NGOs. Over six million of the CHF 37 million raised went towards 77 projects in Switzerland – in Bondo, to help those affected by severe weather, and for young people in need.

In our 2018 annual report you can read how Albertina, shown here in the photo, helps pregnant women in Mozambique to give birth safely, and much more about our partner NGOs’ projects in other countries of the world.

I would like to thank most heartily all of you who have loyally supported us with your donations, enabling us to help around five million people affected by natural disasters and other crises. Your donation makes a difference!

Tony Burgener, Director, Swiss Solidarity

Donations used over the long term

The donations used in projects in 2018 came both from fundraising appeals held in that year (Rohingya, floods in India and tsunami in Indonesia) and from those held in previous years.

We believe that your donations should be used sustainably to support projects that may also run for several years. For example, we help to fund reconstruction projects following natural disasters.

The donations you entrusted to us in 2018 were not used up entirely during that year. Some of the money will be used to provide long-term aid in the coming years.

Overview of 2018 figures

Project funding in 2018

Donations in 2018

Donations raised in 2018: CHF 32,934,774 (including bequests)
Largest appeals:

All figures for 2018, from the annual balance to the operating costs, can be found in our 2018 financial statement.