Helping long term

Would you like to help people in need over the long term? You can do this today by setting up a humanitarian trust fund, by leaving a bequest to Swiss Solidarity or appointing the foundation as your heir.

A trust fund bearing your name

If you make one or more large donations and would like a say in how the money is used, the best option is to set up a humanitarian trust fund. If you make several contributions, your trust fund can exist over many years.

The fund can bear your name or a name you choose. We can use the trust fund money to finance projects for a good cause of your choosing.

Our experts can provide advice and help you set up a humanitarian trust fund. A trust fund can be set up with amounts from CHF 300,000.

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“By making a bequest, leaving part or all of your estate, or by setting up a humanitarian trust fund, you know that your money is being used effectively over the long term and according to your wishes and values. Swiss Solidarity guarantees it.”
Catherine Baud-Lavigne, Deputy Managing Director of Swiss Solidarity

Bequest or estate

Would you like your support for people in need to continue after your death?

You can ensure this by leaving a bequest or part or all of your estate to Swiss Solidarity. You can appoint the foundation as an heir, or leave us a bequest in your will.

Our experts can provide advice if you have questions about bequests and appointing Swiss Solidarity as an heir.

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Corinne Mora
Head of Administration & Bequests
Tel.: 058 458 12 32

Your donation makes a difference. Thanks to your long-term support we can help people in need better and for longer.